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FriendsOfEastAfrica.net came about as a community project to help reunite expatriates from Kenya, Tanzania and old East Africa. The aim is to provide old east African's with the opportunity to get in touch with one another and share experiences and the good old times no matter how far apart we are geographically. As such this website tries to provide you with some useful functionality and we have devised the following tools to assist you in reaching these objectives.

Habari on line

In South Africa a publication about the goings on in the old east African community is printed once a year, however people not living is South Africa miss the publication. Not anymore you can read the publication online
You can download the PDF from here

Habari Archive
Habari online - 2017 - PDF
Habari online - 2016 - PDF
Habari online - 2015 - PDF
Habari online - 2014 - PDF
Habari online - 2013 - PDF
Habari online - 2012 - PDF
Habari online - 2011 - PDF
Habari online - 2010 - PDF
Habari online - 2009 - PDF
Habari online - 2008
Habari online - 2007


We aim to list applicable events happening across the globe in our events section. Please monitor this space for an event in your area. Also if you wish to let us know about any events you think might be of interest please let us know by emailing events@frinedsofeastafrica.net.


We have also created a gallery where we will be exhibiting pictures of travels to East Africa and also the events in your area. If you have any pictures you think may be relevant please email us and we'll give you instruction on how to get them to us.

Friend finder - View the current database

The friend finder is the core of our website and we believe will be the most useful functionality to finding all mates. The process is simple all you need to do is register your details on the website. You will get to choose a username and password. Once registered you will be able to search for mates in your area and leave the messages. If someone post a message on your profile you will be alerted by email or you can simply check your wall every now and then to see if anyone has left you a message. The more people you tell about us the bigger the community will grow and so more and more people can find one another. Click here to view the current database.

We hope you find all these tools very useful and feedback is always welcome at webmaster@friendsofeastafrica.net.